Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm sorry!

So sorry! I don't have any new art today! I worked all day but it was "productive-member-of-society" type work so what I drew belongs to someone else... So anyway, I dug around in my hard drive and found some old crazy sketches and things that have never yet been before the eyes of the public!

First off are some from-life doodles I did one day, just for fun.

Next, some not-so-much-from-life doodles.

And last of all, some sort of fishy guy, I named the file Atlantean when I made it, so I guess it was supposed to be an inhabitant of Atlantis. Or maybe I was just trying to do a cheap knockoff of Admiral Ackbar. I don't really remember.

See you all next time!


Janet in MN said...

I'll forgive you - if you blog about your trip! (While you are away, not when you get back....)

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