Friday, April 22, 2011

School is over!

My final assignment:

Near the beginning of time, the witch Dubheasa took the sun god Alauniu hostage by poisoning the sunset with the juice of a nightshade plant. Her magic was diminished by the heat of the sun, and so with Alauniu's chariot grounded, perpetual twilight cloaked the world, and her powers grew. A young warrior named Aithne had heard the prophecy that Dubheasa could only be defeated at the hand of Balor, the king of the giants. The witch thought that she was perfectly safe, as the giants disliked the light of day as much as she did. Aithne went to the mountains where Balor and his kin lived, and tricked the prideful giant into lifting a mountain above his head. With a sharp swing of her axe, the girl chopped Balor's left hand off just below the wrist. The foolish giant was unable to safely set down the mountain with one hand, and as he called for help, Aithne took his hand and ran. She next bound the fingers into a fist with a short length of rope. Now prepared to do battle with the witch, she traveled to the black cliffs where Dubheasa had taken Alauniu...


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